Growing up with both parents as Landscape Gardeners, I find solace in flowers and through my work I want to try to elicit memories associated with them to the viewer.
The complex natural patterns that occur in nature, specifically in foliage and flowers, is something that is reoccurring through my interest in fabric and material that all reference plants, but by also using real plants to tell my story for me and to show identity.
With a focus on flowers, their aesthetics and decorative uses in the same way material does, I am working with the materiality of fabric that echoes the textures and tactility of flowers. The immediate surroundings of plant life and images of plants in the studio, and the study of pattern, stacks of materials and books all unfold onto and into a surface. The arrangement of collages and objects taking on their own life, space and surface.
The idea of the domestic has always been important, a focus for me, the idea of a peaceful home or garden, I feel like I make a lot of home environments. Domesticity is imbued in my practice by way of the materials and flowers used, they conjure for the viewer thoughts of sensation, memories comfort and life lived.
I asked myself what is the fascination with a simple flower like the fuchsia? The question probably gave me a clue to the answer – The simplicity.