Professional practice project

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE 2 2016-2017 [SITS] (MD-FA5161-20SH-A-YR-2016-2017)
I set out to challenge my practice and use this project as a self-initiated activity that serves as an opportunity to gain experience.
Professional practice project:  Fringe Arts Bath 2017, Group exhibition

23rd March –  Met with Oliver Adams, curator of SUM, discussed ideas for an exhibition proposal.
26th March – Final draft of the Fringe proposal attached as a link – Sum
Options are quite broad in terms of what is to be exhibited at this stage, this was just to set the scene. The ideas in the PDF were not set in stone, we knew if we got the exhibition then we would have freedom to move ideas around.
12th April – Proposal accepted, space allocated for our exhibition.
2nd May – Site visit, measurements and photos taken.
We were given two floors to create our exhibition, below are images and floor plans for reference. We noted what spaces would be suitable for projections and also noted that there is not a lot of wall space due to fireplaces, radiators, windows etc., but as most of our work was sculptural / installation based anyway, there wouldn’t be any problems.

1. Third Floor

6. Forth Floor

2. Third Floor

Ollie was in touch with everyone individually discussing the work to be include in the show,  he sent out a small press release and invites for us to send out to anyone that might be interested in the show. We discussed where we would place each exhibitors work. As the floors were quite an unusual set up as apposed to a white cube gallery we had to adapt to our setting – I chose the space with a fire place and cupboard with shelves for my installation so that I could work with the space.
Received dates: we had daily access from the 16th May. The exhibition would open on Friday 26th May with a launch party in the evening.
10th May – Management of project
Below is a copy of our invite as well as a small press release, for us to send out to contacts / post on social media etc. Our curator sent the press release out to the local newspaper and posted online listings. We also created an events page to go on Facebook and sent links to Bath Spa to attach invites to their emails and social media.
Fringe Arts Bath Festival – Sum – The Contemporary Sublime

Sum invite

Sum Press release – Sum Press Release
The space was looking good from the start we just needed to sweep and mop the floors. We built a partition wall in the utility room to create additional projection space. Also boarded up the windows to create darkrooms. We built projector platforms/shelves. Printed out an info sheet for visitors to take away (above), this was structured like our Fringe web page with individual statements, contact details etc.
I feel that as a group our work was held together in a dynamic and exciting way; refining the contemporary sublime theme, there seemed to be a strong focus on fragility and transience running through our practices, and I think we were all excited to develop this with future projects.
Being part of Fringe was a invaluable experience; it was a platform for networking and it allowed me to grow connections with artists and individuals. As Fringe is volunteered run I have given the organizers my contact details for help with future events.
With thoughts to the future in the last week we created an emailing list for visitors of the exhibition to leave us their email addresses so that we could contact them with news of our future artworks and exhibitions.
Local news paper The Bath Chronicle included us for the second week running, this time with a proper listing featuring our names and the exhibition address.


Above: Taster for Fringe Arts Bath 2017, featuring shots of my installation at SUM.


Installation views of the exhibition
Hydrangeas and Fuchsias, Hannah Dance Installation: mixed media
Hydrangeas and Fuchsias, Hannah Dance Installation: mixed media
Hydrangeas and Fuchsias, Hannah Dance Installation: mixed media
Hydrangeas and Fuchsias, Hannah Dance Installation: mixed media